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Clover Station Pro

Engage your customers like never before with Station Pro. Run loyalty programs, contribute change to causes, capture contact information, accept mobile wallets and more.

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Clover Station Solo

A powerful, all-in-one restaurant point-of-sale (POS) device to manage your dine-in, take-out and delivery services.

Clover® Station Solo provides the power you need to process guest payments, print receipts, track sales transactions, and run Clover’s software to manage your restaurant business.

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Clover Mini

Powerful and sleek. Clover Mini takes swipe, chip, and contactless payments right out of the box. It can also do taxes, accounting, inventory, rewards, and virtually anything else your business needs.

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Clover Flex

Whether your business operates on the go or in a physical location, Flex is purpose-built to fit your needs. Run your business wherever you are or need to be: At home, on your counter, at the table or out on the road.

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Clover Go

Go here. Go there. Accept payments anywhere. Clover® Go Contactless Reader is your go-to point-of-sale device for credit card swipes, dips, and taps. Just bring your smartphone or tablet and a free hand.

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FD150 & RP10

The First Data FD150 is an affordable terminal solution that combines performance, reliability and ease of use in a compact, feature-rich device. If you choose to connect via your existing broadband Internet service, our Datawire Secure Transport solution provides speed and security, and may even save you money over other options (optional dial backup; analog phone line required). If you prefer, you may connect via Wi-Fi.

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Leveraging the latest Linux-based operating system and power of Verifone’s next-generation architecture, the Verifone P200 PIN pad delivers more features, greater functionality and endless opportunities—while speeding customers through checkout. Part of the Verifone Engage portfolio, the P200’s crisp, vibrant color screen, intuitive UI and enhanced dynamics not only ensure a better user experience, but are also ideal for multimedia. The P200 supports EMV and NFC/CTLS applications and can be paired with a host device for a complete, consumer-facing solution. Plus, unmatched Verifone reliability offers years of worry-free service.

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The Verifone V200c, part of the Verifone Engage portfolio, offers the latest in next-generation features, functionality and versatility. Packed with more speed, an interactive user interface and enhanced security, the V200c is the ideal choice for providing your customers with a unique experience at the point of sale. The V200c leverages the power of Verifone’s new architecture, the latest Linux-based operating system and a modern application environment to deliver everything you need in a countertop device and more.

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The V400c is our most powerful and advanced countertop device. As part of Verifone’s Engage portfolio, it combines the latest in features, functionality, and performance into an efficient, high-end solution. Whether merchants are looking to accept basic payments or focus on more advanced capabilities, like loyalty, advertising, and other value-added services, the V400c makes it possible. A large color touchscreen supports signature capture and encourages easy, intuitive customer interaction. Plus, the ability to run third-party apps allows theV400c to be customized to meet a variety of merchant and customer needs. TheV400c also joins Verifone’s industry-leading selection of devices that meet PCI5.X requirements. And with end-to-end encryption and tokenization, merchant scan worry about something other than device security.

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Additional Clover Information Sheets

Virtual Terminal & Website Integration

Virtual Terminal

Premier offers solutions to process transactions right from your computer with a PCI-DSS approved and secured gateway. This solution is ideal for merchants accepting payments over the phone or in the mail from their customers. It can also work for in-person transactions as we have swipers available as well. Are you a Quickbooks user? We can even plug in with your software and process cards along with utilizing the features and functionality that Quickbooks has to offer.

More and more businesses are moving online, and they need reliable payment processing that just works. Our virtual terminal options give you everything you need to create the perfect ecommerce payment processing solution for accepting card and electronic payments online. Start taking payments quickly with 125+ shopping cart integrations and easy-to-use APIs and SDKs.

For merchants who don’t want or need the complexity of a full shopping cart, we offer simple solutions to create and link to hosted payment pages. They’ll be ready to accept payments in minutes, and can generate buttons, checkout links or QR codes without any need for development. The checkout page lives entirely on the gateway’s servers, ensuring that no payment data ever touches your environment.